Is it time for a career break?

What should you be considering if a career break is on your mind? And some questions I maybe should have thought about too…

It’s possibly a stupid idea, and the timing is only just a bit better than if we had decided to go in the winter of 2008 immediately post-crash. Yes, after a lot of talking, thinking and saving up, I have given in my notice at my job and we are leaving the UK for a round the world trip in November.

Why now? Deciding on the timing

I didn’t have a gap year before or after university which may explain the overwhelming desire do this trip.  Similarly, the stagnating world place seems to be encouraging this sort of reckless (sorry, well thought-out) behaviour as people either decide to step away from their current jobs, risking an unknown once they return, or starting to work for themselves in an effort to hold some sort of control over their own progress.

Sabbatical or Quit overall? How to approach your employer

It depends upon your position within your company, and your personal feelings about returning. Some companies will be willing to negotiate a sabbatical period of, say, six months. If this appeals, give it a go but don’t expect your employer to be overly enthusiastic in this sort of climate. The best scenario may be that you are able to use them as a contact in future so make sure you are on good terms.

What to do? Where to go?

My budget is tight so sadly a volunteering project is off the cards, I can’t go

Just the thought of it...

anywhere near the edge of anything above the height of your average front garden wall so it’s not going to anything ‘extreme’ in terms of jumping off stuff, and my negotiation skills leave something to be desired so our trip’s not going to be an exercise in wandering markets to purchase exotic furniture to furnish our [10 years in the] future house.

Probably the primary reason that we’ve gone for the route we have is for food, cities and landscapes, It probably started with us saying we really want to see Melbourne, San Francisco and NY and then ended up as it is.
Of course, others may have a slightly less chaotic approach. But there are myriad options which can include progressing your career even!

• Volunteering
• Teaching English abroad
• Learning another language
• Taking permanent work with a charity

It might be a bit of a leap of faith but, let’s face it, it’s probably the closest I’m ever going to get to a bungee jump…


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