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Completely terrifying ad…for a deceptively everyday product

This Japanese advert for car tyres has a deceptively slow start…although I wonder how effective it is at driving sales (excuse the pun)?


Doing stuff

It was my birthday almost a month ago and, as ever, most of my lovely presents were books. Amidst the collection, though, there is one which has remained unopened. It’s not because I object to it (which is not a rarity), or because I’ve read it before. It’s because I’ve been quite daunted about making a start with it.

In an inspired moment, my brother gave me a book about building your first website and I’m embarrassed to admit I’m a bit scared of it. I want to get to grips with this stuff but it feels like such a huge area of knowledge which I need to catch up on! But today I’ve got home from work feeling inspired to make a start with it. I’ve even got some ideas of what I’m going to ‘build’ (after many many false starts, I imagine). So, what have I got to lose?